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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Look what you did...

... nice, you trimmed my foot off. Maybe I should trim yours off. It's not like you're using it for anything. Pulling a plough on my dandelion field for example.

- Mr. Bun


  1. I do hope Mr. Bun has not perused previous rather grizzly observations about how to get your dandelion fields to really prosper. I would suggest getting yourself harnessed up, keeping a careful look out all the while. GF doesn't think you deserve these helpful hints after cutting your bunny's foot off. His minions have so far avoided that - hence my presence on Earth.

  2. Horrible way to motivate us Mr. Bunn. We respond better to sweet talk and candy.

  3. Ha ha ha, Mister Bun! You tell that hoomin of yours how it is! You are right to be strict!

  4. What's the penalty for foot trimming?

  5. RG, just go on and say it. Everyone knows it's Snickers you want. Sally, I think every bunn has his or her take on that. I admire an inquiring spirit, but please don't say, "Show me." We would miss you and your beautiful kitty icon.

    1. Sometimes I am unwise, especially in the nuances of bunlore. But I am learning so much here.

  6. Hmm No foot trimming better make a note of that any thing else for the next Memo Mr Bun?xx Rachel