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Friday, May 2, 2014

Mr. Bun ... looking for disapproval in all the dark places

Well, we run out of disapproval. Sure did. So I'm going through all the hard to reach places and checking if I dropped any accidentally. I have 1 pix left from Dorothy, but it's very Christmasy so I'm definitely leaving it for later (like 'December' later ;-) )

In the meantime I'll be disapproving as best I can.

- Disapproving Bun


  1. Oh, dear, we cannot let Mr. Bun down! Let's all dust off those cameras, pronto! ..... right after we do the bun chores.

  2. So! THAT is what is under my bed scaring the bejeezes out of me at night! Mr. Bunn should just hop up and get a good-night snuggle!!! More pix - More Disapproval - Maybe we need to recruit Oprah to dedicate an issue of her magazine to disapproval! Have a photo contest ... contribute all the bunny disapproval pix to this site ...

  3. From now on, every night before I fall asleep, but after having said a prayer for all the bunnies and other livingness in this world, I will be saying come out if you are there little bunn(s), you are more than welcome up here.

  4. No Disapproval what has happened to the world today?I have one left too of you Mr bun for next week,xx Rachel

  5. I Disapprove Of a paucity of Disapproval, Mr. Bun!

    We hoomins NEED to be Disapproved Of regularly, to prevent us from getting Ideas Above Our Station, as Janet2Buns used to say. We need to be reminded of our place in the hierarchy: Below bunnehs!

    I hope you'll come by some disapproval for us soon, Mr. Bun! Meanwhile, make sure your hoomins keep the treats coming, and regularly!

  6. Somebunny out there, please disapprove of me. I am begging you!