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Friday, May 23, 2014

Scarlett O'Hare

Scarlett O'Hare is our resident rabbit at Wigglesworth Pet Artwork. As an executive bun, she's taken it upon herself to train all the humans around her. Unfortunately, we're slow learners so she frequently wears this look of disapproval and exasperation.

- Thank you Meaghan!

P.S. Scarlett is kind enough to share her thoughts on the betterment of humankind at The Wigglesworth Connection.


  1. What a beauty! You can see how she suffers so having to deal with us lesser beings...

    Grandma Robin (Miss Scarlett is my Grandbun)

  2. Every business needs a boss rabbit. I am pretty sure Peter Drucker said so. Here is a fine example.

  3. Hahaha she's the expert Bunny Boss is Scarlet good job she's friends with Speedy!xx Rachel