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Sunday, December 11, 2016

God's Speed, John Glenn, from all the bunstronauts.

We'll miss the last surviving Mercury 7 astronaut. To us, John personalized the glimmers of the best hoomanity has to offer. 

Since the beginning of this year at bunfiction central,  we steeped ourselves in the history of the US space program and the exploits of hoomins in the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and shuttle programs. We need to mention the Gagarins, Titovs, and Korolevs that kicked the space race into high gear. 

Suddenly, the loss of a stranger hits home as hard as any loss of the closest of family loved ones.
 - Ijon

PS: Thank you, Molly and Renee!
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Fleetie said...

One of the heroes, just like Grissom, White and Chaffee.

Which is one of the reasons that the loony Moon-landing-deny-ers make me so angry. What, do you think those three men BURNED TO DEATH IN PURE OXYGEN FOR *FUN*? FOR THE GOVERNMENT? WHAT?! How DARE they suggest that all that happened for a movie?! The Moon landings were one of humanity's greatest achievements ever, and remain so, 47 years later.

And Buzz Aldrin was 100% right to PUNCH someone in the face for daring to attempt to cast doubt on the Apollo landings' authenticity.

We will not go back there in my lifetime. I am kind of glad that I was at least alive, though very young, before they ended in December 1972 (IIRC). I was too young to be aware of it, but at least I existed at that time.

So Glenn was a brave pioneer, just like the others. Without him and his colleagues, we would not have successfully landed on the Moon, AND returned to Earth alive, multiple times, without any further accidents apart from the heroes Grissom, White and Chaffee. These men, and the others who braved the frontier of possibility with them, deserve our utmost respect.

RG said...

Ahh ... the Right Stuff!

sallyneary said...

Thank you for the touching bun tribute.

Anonymous said...

They were intelligent, tough, and no shortage of intestinal fortitude. I was a nine year old, July of 1969 in Wisconsin watching a grainy black and white picture on the tv. From the moon. God speed and good work, to all who put us there and keep pushing the envelope. ken&kaci