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Sunday, February 4, 2024

The Bunday Evening Thumps

Espresso, "Ayuh, it tastes even better than it looks!"
Gus, "You're right - kept the girlfriend all to myself today!"
Espresso, "Is it time? Time to start taking chunks out of his duff again!?

Good evening, Everbyun!

It's been another quiet day in our burrow. It all started with cloudy skies and rain. Now it's breezy and clear. I kept to myself most of the day as Charlie didn't fancy coming over. Thump! 

The good news is I had a decent day, sneeze-wise. This morning, I got a 1/4 Baby Chewable loratadine hidden in a giant, fat blueberry. I approved of the blueberry.

My hoomin made good on his promise and moved the eisel into my room. And then the grumbling started. I sayz, "No bun made you do it - move it back out if you don't like it, you sorry sod!" 

Well, he stuck it out. Again, the painting served as a gateway to where headspace returns to "normal," like a dry dock for the soul.
And it's been exactly a year since he made the first awkward sketches for the painting. Now, we're putting the finishing touches on it. Yes, I said, "We." Oh, you think he coulda done without me!?

The next big hurdle will be trying to take a decent pix of the darn thing. For some reason, it's a lot harder to get the colors right in the photograph of a painting than he thinks.

The night is still young, though, and arting will go on.

Goodnight and good luck!
- Espresso

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