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Friday, October 13, 2017

Mr. Bun Update

It feels just like yesterday when you and I had watched "The Last Man On The Moon." Now, you and Gene have both gone over the Bridge. Did he mellow out any?
It turns out that time does nothing, or, at least, it does not do much. I thought that maybe, by now, the crater you had left would be absorbed by some Sea of Tranquility but no such luck.
A day hadn't gone by, since last year, in which I didn't miss you.
Binky free, Mr. Bun.

PS: Northern CA fires update. Mike (of Gilbert and Tilly) says, "Our personal warren of humans and buns is faring quite well under the circumstances. Colleagues at my office are working even harder though to take care of their displaced animals as well as a few who are looking for their lost dogs and cats. In fact it seems that most of my co-workers are setting aside the actual tech work of their jobs to do what they can to help - with the support and encouragement of our employer"

We say, "Props to that employer!"

For update from the Sonoma Humane Society, please visit their page: http://sonomahumane.org/updates/


Unknown said...

Mr. Bun - the one bun to rule them all!

A beautiful sentiment. The bun loving community misses him too. Surely he's enjoying all the health and freedom and buntasticness of EBAs ORB.

Anonymous said...

Keep doing those binkys Mr Bun . Ken and Kaci

RG said...

Those memories last for so long!

Thanks to the helpers in the places and times of peril ..