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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lulu and Mikey

But, but, Mikey says I can haz a carrotini too!

Thank you, Gabrielle!

PS: We're always amazed but not surprised at all how hoomin and bun lives intertwine. This past Sunday we got a pic and a story from Gabrielle, and we're still trying to absorb it. Gabrielle said, "Mikey got to meet my daughter Lulu, who I had put in an open adoption, and she is the only reason I got into rabbits. Mikey is my replacement baby; I got him when I signed her over to her now parents, so today my two babies met."


  1. The circle of life sure takes some unexpected turns. Hope everyone is safe and happy. ken&kaci and the buns of the desert warren

  2. Hoomins are almost as appealing as rabbits when they are little!