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Monday, December 30, 2013


You know what day it is? It's Monday. Alllllllll day.

- Thank you Maclin


Elsewhere said...

It even smells like Monday!

Fleetie said...

Pastis looks as though s/he's standing up defiantly
and saying "Ha ha! Look hoomin, it's Monday and
There's nothing you can do about it!".

Yeah, thanks for the reminder, cheeky bunneh!

But I'm not at work today!

Little Miss Titch said...

thanks for the reminder!oh that means I only have to work tomorrow this week as today is done yay thanks for the reminder!

Valsainte said...

Guard Bunneh on duty! Even M*nd*ys cannot get past Pastis, much less us lowly hoomins.

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

That little bunny has got to be readying for an attack. Please, you all, quit talking back.

Anonymous said...

Pastis: Striking fear in the hearts of hoomins one Monday at a time.

RG said...

Ah nuts. I made it all the way to 6pm pst before I looked. Monday WAS going so well.

Mac said...

She is very fierce and stamps her foot when I don't obey. But she has learned to give kisses to her hoomins. (Although she will never admit it of course.)

Fleetie said...

I am sure she feels lucky to have such kind... ahem "obedient"... hoomins. I expect she secretly Approves Of you, but don't ever let her know you think this!

As a bunny, she will insist that you are lucky to have her, rather than vice versa.

I suspect the truth is that you're both lucky to have each other!