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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas Every Bun

Howdy hoomins!

Just keeping a spot warm for the first properly disapproving bun.
My silly hoomin missed everyone so much from DR. I finally tell him 'Well, there's always something we can do'. Couple of thumps and I got him going.


Fleetie said...

Hoppy Christmas, Mr. Bun!

I hope you are keeping your hoomins in line, and that Santa Paws is good to you!

RG said...

Let's keep it going!

Fleetie said...

We need some people to send in some Disapprovals. I would, if I had any bunnehs, but sadly I don't, of course!

Anonymous said...

Bunneh disapproval, the gift the keeps on giving all year; what a great present for Christmas! We have many images of our little guy who, sadly, after about 8 years of keeping us humble, went on to the bridge last year :( However, I'm sure he would be happy to disapprove from the aether (yes, even though Michelson and Morley proved there is no aether, but you get the idea :) I'll leave it to the hoomin at the helm of the site to decide :)

Fleetie said...

Well I'd love to see them!