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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Maintenance Update

As you've noticed, the look and feel here has changed a bit.
The template I've initially selected was nice and clean, keeping Disapproval front and centre.However, it's been a little clunky in regard to viewing and posting comments. Hence I'm still looking for ways to smooth out some of those rough edges. I'll most likely carry on with those little chores for a while longer.

Thanks again for everyone's patience and support.

P.S.: By all means, if you run into any usability issues, let me know and I'll try to correct them as soon as possible.


RG said...

Keep up the good work!

Karenstoryteller said...

Thanks ever so for continuing on the disapproval! The internet had become altogether too dark and THUMPless a place. If even a luddite like me can figure out how to comment, must not be too clunky!

Fleetie said...

Indeed. But, Ijon, make sure that you remember that BunChores come before internet chores! Boy will you ever be in for some Disapproval if you forget that golden rule!

We do appreciate the work that you're putting in. I couldn't do web programming if my life depended on it! It's not something I'm good at!