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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Site Update

“The single light pretended to be a street light and drained all the color from the picture.”

"Be quiet, hoomin! I think there's a subtitle hiding near by... I can smell it!"

Greetings, Everybun!

Sometimes, a bun needs an art break. Quite accidentally, I appear to be playing a character out of a Bun le Carré novel. Maybe "The Bun Who Came in from the Cold"? The almost black and white pics happened all in the camera (as Joe McNally would say), without any post-processing trickery.

Well, we have no plans for today. My hoomin says, "study, test prep, dinner saaaalad, headrubs, more headrubs, read, study some more, dispense treats." We're giving up on anything more ambitious than that. May as well be honest about it. If you're going to have a lazy Bunday, haz a lazy Bunday ;-)

We'll keep you posted,

- Gus


sallyneary said...

What kind of test prep? I used to coach.
You do some very artistic shots, although I suppose the buns don't really appreciate it unless it affects the quality of the salad.

Mister Bun said...

... flight instructor. I'm still grinding the questions for the written portion of it. And ... the buns. Indeed, they don't mind as long as the saaaalad is done right. And on time! The Gus pics just sort of happen. I only noticed them when I was going through the roll, looking for something usable. It's a bit of a workout, trying to get something new out of the same routine over and over again. We're trying to get them used to tolerate the EBA harness ;-) The weather outside is cooling off just a tiny bit, so it would be nice to go and visit the mango tree in the front yard or the banana "plantation" :-) We'll see how that goes.