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Sunday, June 16, 2024

The Bunday Evening Thumps

Espresso - mineral bit on his left side of the nose.
Espresso - the snoot stone

Good evening, Everybun!

I told my hoomin yesterday afternoon he better go fetch our greens. He thought I didn't notice the skimping on thyme and overcompensating with sage. Thump!

He comes back and checks on me - then wants to play "Three Seconds." It means I gets a cookie, and he gets three seconds to take photos. I was all cookied-out, but I felt generous: "Haz your three seconds - I'm not moving." So, he snaps away.

Then he looks at my nose - because that's his Idée fixe, looking at my nose, checking for boogers. And he sees that little white speck above my left air intake, I mean nostril. He went to grab it, thinking, "Way too late for that sample; we already know what the bacteria is," and then his stupid jaw dropped. 

It wasn't a booger - it was a piece of something very hard, like a grain of sand. 

Well, he thought it was a miracle and wouldn't stop hootin' and hollerin'! Now, the mystery grain is sitting in a poly bag and waiting to go to the doctor. He's convinced this mineral grain got loosened but didn't come out during the rhinoscopy. 

Things feel very different at the moment. I had a quiet night, no sneezes, and today keeps going just as great. Was this be the other stone dropping?

Goodnight and good luck!
- Espresso

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got a diagnosis and maybe even can end the sneezing for good.