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Sunday, July 30, 2023

The Bunday Evening Thumps

Good evening, Everybunny!
And so we're having a bunderful day of loafing and chillaxing. Nothing is shattering about a day of loafing and goofing off, but it can be a little bit like Xmas if you pay attention to it.  

We took a little bit of pity on our hoomin and let him hang out with us. Even after he nebulized me last night. Yeah, sure, the V. E. T. told him to. "He was just following orders," - my foot.

Good night, and good luck!
- Espresso

PS: We took a stab at the Spanish Needle for the "Graham Cracker and Mel" painting. I said, "We," because Charlie and I didn't jump all over the "model," and we let him get the sketches done first. 

The only trouble is that we have not gotten much rain lately, and the Spanish Needle crop is pitiful. And very few plants are blooming. So, we will have to have a "Spanish Needle watch" to catch them when they flower. I'm afraid we'll have to take some reference photos to work with - just in case.

And guess what - Spanish Needle does not like to hold the pose. You open the window blinds, and if there's any sunlight to be had, the plants will start turning toward the light.

Espresso, "Yours truly trying to nap, but the graphite on paper just won't let up."
Espresso, "The latest thing to kick my hoomin's butt - Spanish Needle - he he he!"

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