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Sunday, December 4, 2022

The Bunday Evening Thumps

Gus, "What do you mean raspberries can't grow here? What kinda Armageddonia are we living in!?"

Espresso, "Those are pellets - not treats, arent' they?"

Gus, "I caught a dandelion THIS big!"

Good evening, Everybun!

We started the day early, and we're still trying to squeeze the most out of it. Nice weather let my hoomin work on that pesky "leaky walls infrastructure" project.

Luckily he's been out of our hair most of the day. The dinners arrived, and I kept hearing something about candlelit snacks later tonight.

The day got chewed up by homework, chores, digging in the dirt, and other pleasantries of such ilk. But, not all is lost - tomorrow's another day off for my hoomin - so just when he feels ready for the weekend - he might finally get a little bit of it, on a M*nd*y of all things.

Good night, and good luck!
- Gus

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