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Monday, December 5, 2022

Binky Free, Cinamon


A few weeks ago, we learned of the passing of Cinamon, of Jake and Cinamon. The poor disapprover suffered a stroke.

Cinamon saved so many days for us Over the years, and we always loved following her adventures with Jake. And as long as we didn't publish this post, her departure "wouldn't be real" we liked to believe.

Maybe her tiny world made a jump into a part of the multiverse where nobun ever gets a stroke, or stasis, or anything else of that sort? A sliver of that world will stay with us as long as we remember Her. And we will.

Binky free, Cinamon, till we meet again.

- Charlie, Gus, Espresso, and their hoomins.


Anonymous said...

We are very sorry for the loss of Cinamon to Jake and their homins.
Binky Free, precious Cinamon
the desert warren

Anonymous said...

Binky free, dear little bun. Prayers for comfort to the hearts of her hoomins.

Anonymous said...

Binky free.