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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Espresso, Charlie, and Gus Update

Gus, "Stop talking, hoomin. I can feel the mint draining out of my mint, OK?"
Charlie, "Just be thankful for the side eye, eh!?"
Gus, "Does the mouf approve? No, it does not, hoomin, does it!?"
Espresso - When another M*nd*y rolled in parading as a Friday.

... our "secret art project" from a few weeks ago - the identity design for the upcoming Tampa Bay Bunfest!

Greetings, Everybun!

Somehow, my hoomin got into his head that cookies are not food on Saturday morning. Cookies are food when I decide they're food. And he's whining again about having to move one hop at a time through these days. Well - if he wants to keep all the toes - cookies will be food on weekend mornings.

We're in the middle of very cool and dry weather, so the leaky wall infrastructure adventure will start today. There will be only light chores inside. And we love that 'cause the hoomin will keep himself outside. 

The good news is that my hoomin will burn up some time off for the rest of the year. A bunch of three-day work weeks are coming up, and he swears there will be arting.

That brings us to the very special event that is under development in the area. We will have our own proper Bunfest in March! How cool is that!? And the organizers went with our design for the logo and stuff like that.

We'll keep you posted!
- Espresso

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Anonymous said...

Love the Logo!