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Sunday, April 17, 2022

The Bunday Evening Thumps

Charlie, "You got that cookie platter ready?"
Charlie, "For TWO!?"
Espresso, "Ya ain't worth the wise crack, hoomin."
Espresso, "Go, hoomin. No, really - get lost - it's thyme!"

Good evening, Everybun!

As promised yesterday, my hoomin had a full day of taking pixes. The bad thing was, most of it was complete drivel and rubbish. The good thing was that there were a few good shots in the afternoon and evening. Maybe all it takes is one frame that makes it worthwhile. It was fun in the afternoon. Last night, our salads had fresh kale from the farm, so it wasn't a complete wash. Whatever you have to do to bring the greens home, I say. 

The next challenge is to finish the special card project for our friend. By "finish," I mean start. The cawwot tops are all dry and ready to travel inside the card, but you need the darn card! Well, it's the same as fear of a blank card, the open sky of a fresh canvas, or that empty sheet of paper. I bet you he will end up scribbling, "Hey, sorry about that, chews on this, because I was afraid to do anything with it." 

Good night, and good luck!
- Charlie

PS: One of the "winning" from last night: when some hoomins showed up for the farm tasting tour, they took off their shoes.


Anonymous said...

Good looking photos, for a homin :)
Charlie and Gus, squee ! 'espresso, handsome fellow
The garden patch photo is pretty cool too.
the desert warren

sallyneary said...

If you served me salads I would probably eat a lot healthier. Gorgeous!