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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Binky Free, Dougie


Good evening, Everybun!

A month ago, we had received the news of Dougie's hop over the Rainbow Bridge, and we are still heartbroken. He lost his battle with cancer. We hope you will join us and hold in your thoughts Dougie's hoomin, Audrey, and his bunwife, Penny.

We procrastinated with the post as if we were trying to put off the finality of his passing. That little velvety bubble of a parallel universe that was Dougie embodied what is best in this dimension. Losing him brought us closer here at home. When our furry friend dies, even a distant one, it feels like a loss at home. 

We miss you, Dougie.

- Espresso, Gus, Charlie, and our hoomins


Anonymous said...

He waits at the Rainbow Bridge.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tribute to Dougie. We were surprised by how quickly he went from mild sneezing to terminal in less than two weeks. He didn't suffer and made it clear that he was ready to hop over the Rainbow Bridge.
Penny is his sister and she accepted his loss and seems happy being an only bunny. We'll probably take her speed dating at Friends of Rabbits to find a companion in the fall.

Snorgles and hugs to all the bunnies and their humans!