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Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Bunday Evening Thumps


Good Evening, Everybun!

Stormes started passing through here yesterday, and the cats and dogs are still raining down. Things are only marginally better on the inside.

Espresso stopped sneezing, but he also lost his appetite. He does eat a little bit on his own, but not much. Yet, we're not picking up any signs of pain or discomfort. It turns out that the loss of appetite is one of the known side effects for bunns taking antibiotics, including Baytril - the one Espresso has to take.

Mr. Bun and Latter never had any problems with Baytril, and the sorry sod of my hoomin didn't catch on right away.

This morning Espresso got a dose of the Sherwood Appetite Restorer, recovery food, and three hours later - another round of the Appetite Restorer.

Looks like have to fee him some more by paw. He'll probably get more Appetite Restorer along with the antibiotic tonight. At this point, we're just trying not to die, and we'll call the V. E. T. first thing in the morning.

Good Night, and Good Luck!
- Gus


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear :(
Be well, Espresso; paws and fingers crossed!
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

sallyneary said...

You probably know that probiotics are good after an antibiotic.
Best of luck.

Mister Bun said...

... the vet mentioned that with a short course like this one (about a week's worth of), probiotics may not even be necessary. I was under the impression that would be helpful during the treatment. That said, it's a bit of a moot point right now. Now we're just concentrating on the bare minimums. As long as he eats, we'll be OK.

Came back from the greens run, and he ate up a small saaaalad worth of dandelion, parsley, mint, and basil - all hand fed. So at least he's hanging in there. As long as we can work a plan that works - we'll make it till Wednesday.