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Sunday, April 4, 2021

The Bunday Evening Thumps

Gus, "I'm trying to be on my best behaviour, hoomin. Enjoy while it lasts."
Charlie, "Buzz off, hoomin."
Espresso, "Nope, no sir, not a sneeze out of me today."

Good Evening, Everybun! 

Espresso ate his pill last night like a champ. It was buried in a fruit mush and hit the gizzard in a couple of gabbles. The good news is we didn't hear a sniffle out of him today. You know, it's hard to get excited here about special days since every day is a Bun Day, and there's a nightly feast ritual with all the trimmings we could ever want. 

Of course, if you celebrated today, we hope you had a blast! 

Good Night, and Good Luck!
- Gus 

PS: How did Espresso end up looking so pink with rage yesterday? To add insult to indignity, the carrier has a pink lining. On the kind of clear and bring day we had yesterday, the car was flooded with bright sunlight, and consequently, the carrier lining threw off a ton of reflected, killer pink light.

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