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Wednesday, December 11, 2019



It's been a long week already, hoomin. A bushel of bananas is coming in today.

- Thank you, Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue and Erika!

PS: A little bit about Eleanor while she looks for her forever home:

BORN: 2017
WEIGHT: 5 lbs
BREED:  English Spot
COLOR:  Black & White
GENDER:  Spayed Female 

The BHRR fundraiser is still going on and is over the 3k mark! :-)

1 comment:

sallyneary said...

Eleanor was my mother's name, and she loved animals. When it was time to remove the cast from our rabbit Juliet's leg, Mother painstakingly crawled around our house, snipping at the cast each time the bun held still for a second, until it finally was removed. In this way she avoided Juliet's disapproval. A stalwart woman.