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Friday, June 29, 2018

Sequoia and Sashay

Oh, she's not gonna call this a saaaaalad, is she?

- Thank you, Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue and Erika!

PS: Sequoia was adopted along with his sister in 2016. They were both recently returned to us and Sequoia requires surgery for a jaw abscess😢 North Kenilworth Veterinary Care has graciously discounted surgery and aftercare meds to approximately $600.

Sequoia’s surgery is now scheduled 🙌 Dr. Holmes from North Kenilworth Veterinary Care is coming in on his day off to perform his surgery. A true bunny hero!! 😇
ALSO! We’ve added a second “mystery” prize to our giveaway from the amazing Charity Charms valued at $175+. Please continue to donate for a chance to win a Charity Charms gift OR an Art by Suzanne Stephens watercolor bunny painting! We will pick two winners Sunday 5pm MST.
DONATE THROUGH PAYPAL HERE: http://bhrabbitrescue.org/ways-you-can-help/
*Donations will help fund Sequoia’s surgery, medications, and aftercare as well as help pay our rescue’s sky high electricity bill this summer and keep the rabbits cool.
You all are amazing. Thank you 🙏

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RG said...

Looks like those old-guy critics from the Muppets ...