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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rue of Katniss and Rue

Go ahead, tell me how adorably fantastic I am,  ... or how fantastically adorable, get on with it already.

- Thank you Katniss and Rue!

Rue says, "Please fwends... *FUMP* Looks like Facepoop is punishing us again, our posts are being restricted so dat vewy few of our fwends will see us now! *MORE FUMPS*"

If FB playing tricks, games or experimenting on us again? We are not sure and hope they are not. One just never knows, so ears up (or heads if that's all you got ;-) ).

PS: More Katniss and Rue on FB!


RG said...

Well Rue. I'll step forward and say you are.

Auntie Jane (It is official!) said...

This bunny needs to be a regular . . . we need to hear it like the bunny calls it . . .Facepoop! Yeah, Baby!!!

sallyneary said...

I don't use Facebook, Rue, but is it possible that you froze it up? I'm just going by your expression.

Fleetie said...

OMB! I feel thoroughly Disapproved Of!

Whatever it is that I have done to offend you, Rue, I am sorry! Please stop Disapproving Of me! <3