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Friday, November 14, 2014


Are you really sure you want to play dress up?  ... because I have an idea for you, you know.

- Thank you Monica!


Fleetie said...

No, it's ok, thank-you, Peaches! We don't have to play dress-up. I mean, I really don't want you to dress me up as a bunny-poop.

Using REAL bunny-poops.

So we'll forget that idea.

Now, what can I scuttle and bring for you? Saaaaa-lad? Carrotinis? Scooter Snaps? I will try my best to Make It Snappeh!

RG said...

Sorry - I'm already "dressed up" This is as "dressed up" as a bunny slave can be.

sallyneary said...

I also thought immediately, "She means poop. Something to do with poop. This person is in trouble, although as bun costumes go, it is unobtrusive."