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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


.... hm, that's all it took to get you stumped, hoomin? Very interesting, very interesting indeed...

- Thank you Stephanie!


  1. Don't touch those whitish-glowing whiskers - a major jolt of disapproval down to your socks will happen.

  2. Sambuca, we humans stump easily, but I think you already know this.
    Nice shiny fur you have.

  3. From Wikipedia ....

    Sambuca is flavoured with essential oils obtained from anise, star anise, liquorice and other spices. It also contains elderflowers.[1] The oils are added to pure alcohol, a concentrated solution of sugar, and other flavouring. It is commonly bottled at 42% alcohol by volume.

    I would say to approach at your own risk.

  4. ... so a tiny spark of Hoomin ineptitude could set it all off? ;-)