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Monday, September 1, 2014


Do you see me getting headrubs? No? That's what's wrong with this picture.

- Thank you Lydia!

PS: This dereliction of bun chores was documented during what the hoomin calls 'studying for filnas'.


  1. better Snap to it that is one grumpy bun!xx Rachel

  2. .. Talk about your low-on-headrubs bunn. I would say he has given a finlas warning.

  3. Raji, this is truly a wretched state of affairs.

  4. AND IT'S M*ND*Y !!! *THUMP!*

    Poor Raji ! If there's any day when a bun needs head-rubs and forehead-"melds" and nosie-kisses, it's M*nd*y!

    The hoomin had better buck up its ideas! That Disapproval is starting to melt that part of my monitor!

  5. Fleetie, thank you for speaking up for the un-rubbed.

  6. L, we hope those finlas went really well. In a secret grade book somewhere safely tucked away by Ravi, we suspect you still have high marks.

  7. Of course, I am doomed for misspelling Raji's name. Unless.....you were to tell him it was short for ravishing?