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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


You were doing so well, hoomin, while you were giving me lovely head-rubs! And then you had to ruin it all by stopping before I said you could! Now you must start all over again! And don’t stop until I decide it’s dinner time! Now take it from the top!

- Thank you Fleetie!


  1. Fleetie? Fleetie? You didn't really stop giving the lovely Annie head-rubs, did you? I mean this is all posed, isn't it? It's a great photo, but it is all staged, right? If not, a word comes to mind. SNAPPEH! Yes, yes, make it so.

    1. She looked so beautiful and happy, crouching down on her elbows for her head-rubs, that I had to stop briefly and try to get a photo of her.

      When I'd taken the photo, I did give her more head-rubs, though.

      The photo was taken a few weeks ago.

      At the moment, my favourite thing to do, if the bunnies will let me, is to give them head-rubs, and when they're crouching down as Annie is here, go right up to them (with me lying on the floor on my front), and gently put my forehead on their forehead, and make comforting gentle noises to them and tell them how beautiful and lovely they are for a while, and then move away slightly and kiss their furry forehead!

      I love doing that! :-) <3

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  4. Some of you may already have seen this Facebook album, but in case not, here's the link so you can see the other photos from that visit to the bunnies!

    Fleetie's 4th Visit to the Shelter Bunnehs!

  5. Oh for goodness sake. Trying to get this link working...

    4th Visit to the Shelter Bunnehs!

  6. Tnat pose and look sucks 'em in every time!!!

  7. Uncle Fleetie is just the Best,that's why we love him so!xx Speedy