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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Espresso, Charlie, and Gus Update

Espresso, Friday night, "Dinner!?"
Espresso, Friday night, "Yep, still mad - you bum!"
Espresso, Wednesday night, "A cookie, eh!? Ya think that settles it!?"
Espresso, Wednesday night, "Hope you're hoppy, now leave me alone!"

Hellos, Everybunny!

The short of it is that everything went well enough. Last night, I had my first sneeze-free round of good sleep. Nobunny had to wake up because of my harumphing.

The last M*nd*y night before the procedure was extremely nerve-wracking. The only relief we got was knowing we'd made it this far. Tuesday morning was nothing but nervous energy and my hoomin trying to keep it together for dear life.

The doctors started working on me around one in the afternoon. If something had gone sideways, Dr. Gronsky would have been calling with an update, so no news was good news.

I survived the anesthesia. I survived the intubation, even though the team had a hard time with that.

They found the stone and flushed it out! The doctor said it was one of the best rhinoscopies she'd done.

I survived the post-op. Later, everybun decided it would be best for me to spend a romantic night at the hospital.

Late Wednesday morning, my hoomin picked me up and brought me home. Of course, I didn't feel like eating much or pooping, and Wednesday started to feel like a M*nd*y in a straight jacket. Around seven in the evening, I got a dose of Metoclopramide because we were afraid things were turning to worms. I almost ended up back at the hospital.

But, hoomin had enough sense to call buntie Susan first instead of panicking early. I ended up running some laps from the kitchen, past the Devil's Spicy Hay behind the oven to my room. Then I got some belleh rubs. I ran a couple more laps.

I dropped some gold in the bin at about nine-thirty or ten at night. I had some salaaad, and the cookie got it. It was a good night.

I'm still taking a mix of pain and anti-inflammatory medicine twice a day and getting nose drops twice a day. The stone and sample from my nose went to the lab, and we expect a follow-up call from the vet about the results.

I will probably get another CT scan (hopefully at a discount, as it would be part of the follow-up) to see if they got everything or if there's another, smaller stone farther back in the nasal passage.

But today, we're just going to chillax - tucks out and all. Even my hoomin has no plans except for some arting or reading. I'm eating and pooping, and I'm in pretty good spirits.

This thing was in the making for at least two years. My first round of nebulizing happened on June 26, 2022 (https://www.disapprovingbun.com/2022/06/the-bunday-evening-thumps_26.html).

We would like to thank the team at BluePearl for taking such good care of me: Sarah Gronsky, VMD, Koutney McNicholas, CVT, Tyler Doyle, APCA, and anybun who's name we're not aware of.

Thank you, everybun, for all your prayers and good vibes <3

We'll keep you posted!
- Espresso


Anonymous said...

Huge first step in your recovery!!!L. Prayers are still coming!!

Anonymous said...

Hoping this solves it once and for all!

Anonymous said...

Yay! So pleased to hear that all went well! Praying all the buns and hoomins will enjoy a deep sigh of relief and that things will continue to improve :)=
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

Anonymous said...

Amen 🙏

Brenda said...

So glad that it’s going well! Hopefully it continues. Yea Espresso!