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Friday, July 15, 2022

Mom and 7 babies rescued

But Mom! It's Friday, and I wanna go out! What do you mean I'm 'too little'!?


"OK, hoomin, OK, I'm next. I want my dinner in the bottle like that!"
"Guys, I think we're supposed to be plotting something or other."

 - Thank you, Ken and Kaci!

PS: Buncle Ken said, "We rescued a bunny from a Glendale Arizona park when it was 90 degrees out. Four days later she surprised us with 7 baby disapprovers!
All are safe now. Smallest bunny needed a couple weeks of bottle feeding."

Thank you for giving them a chance. Once the babies are a little more grown up they will be looking for their forever homes through the rescue where Ken volunteers.


Anonymous said...

8 confirmed disapprovers, just itching to disapprove of something.
Cheers !
the desert warren

Anonymous said...

*unintelligible squealing with delight* They are soooo sweet! So very happy they were rescued and are now in the care of loving, bunn-savvy hoomins :)
-Jen (Kohl's mom)

Anonymous said...


sallyneary said...

This will be a lot of work, but in a fun and cuddly way.