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Saturday, May 11, 2024

Espresso, Charlie, and Gus Update

Gus, "I'm not exactly fiends with the guy, but for thumps sake - that's a lot!"
Hellos, Everybunny!

Things are getting proper hot and muggy out there. Of course, we're playing it cool. We kinda have to. My hoomin got the treatment plan for my "mineralization situation," and it's a lot to digest.

2. Rhinoscopy and attempted removal
-We would anesthetized [sic] Espresso and place a small camera up his nose to visualize the stone. A
saline flush would be used to try and dislodge the stone. Once the stone is removed, sending it out for analysis and
culture would be recommended. Complications include significant bleeding and swelling of the nasal passage
necessitating oxygen therapy until breathing normally.

That sounds pretty serious. But wait - there's more.

Anesthetic death can also occur. The stone may be firmly stuck and unable to be removed with this method.

So, how does bun get clarity on whether to embark on such an adventure? And if we decide to do nothing?

1. Benign neglect
-Concerns that the stone will cause worsening infection. Severe infection can cause destruction

... doesn't sound right, does it?

The third option is surgery - we ain't gonna hop there.

Anyway, we don't have to decide right this minute. My regular v. e. t. thinks I'd get through the Rhinoscopy just fine. The specialist at Blue Pearl doesn't see any red flags either.

And so the hoomin keeps pestering me with questions about how I feel about all this and what I want done or not done. Like I would tell him - that's his cup of torment. I have a stone in my nose.

For now, though, I'm doing well enough. I'm getting a break from the nose drops, and it's great. The sneezing subsided for now. You know, I can't be on those drops continuously - things would get toxic for my kidneys. So, we're managing - one paw in front of the other and one sunrise at a time.

We'll keep you posted!
- Espresso


Anonymous said...

Poor Espresso!

Anonymous said...

Ok so we brought our 10 years old at the time bun with thick snot sneezing. They wanted to cut into his dwarf head and “see” what was there. I demanded a scope. They scoped up his nose 👃, found the thick snot, irrigated and cultured. We got the appropriate antibiotic per culture. Listen, little man was old. We re-anesthesia him, his sinuses were clear. He lived to 12.5 years.
It was the best we could do for him if he was a bun or an human. He was a happy bun. He lived a good life and we have no regrets. Do what you feel we allow you to live with your decision. That’s how we decided. 🙏