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Thursday, May 11, 2023


Are you kidding me!? Somebunny's has to keep an eye on you!

- Thank you, Susan!

PS: Our friend, Finneas also appeared this week before the County Commissioners. I mean, somebunny has to stare them down, no!?

Finn is also a prolific sneezer, like our Spressy, and got himself a date with the V. E. T. yesterday. Of course, he got a clean bill of health - all systems are "go," - so go figure.

1 comment:

Susanthevegan said...

Finn did a great job representing dumped buns . He also did a splendid job of appearing completely healthy at the V.E.T. when we all know his very fav hobby is scaring the wits out of his hoom. But who cares ! She's down to single digit wits anyways