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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Espresso, Charlie, and Gus Update

Gus, "Yar speechless, eh? Stay that way."
Espresso, "I'm not sure how, but I'm gonna have to take it out of his hide somehow."

Greetings, Everybun!

My hoomin decided to go on a short trip yesterday afternoon. If all is going well, right about now, he should be having another chat with Jack Lousma. Yes, that one. Again. 

The hoomin should return this afternoon, and then we'll deal with him. 

This was supposed to be a long weekend for my hoomin, but considering the tar pit pressures, he's just glad to be able to make the short hop to KSC. Sigh. I sayz to him, "You just put them paws one in front of the other a few times, and this too shall pass."

We'll keep you posted!
- Espresso


sallyneary said...

Each bun is looking quite disapproving today, but each in a different way. You have captured all the nuance.

Mister Bun said...

... they would REALLY disapprove if I didn't ;-)