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Monday, September 5, 2022

Hoppy Labor Day!

Charlie, "Just a quick, friendly reminder - the staff around here doesn't get no stinkin' day off!"

Charlie, the "Strato Disaprovous," not to be confused with an "Air Mass Storm of Disapproval."
Espresso, "Look, I'm off today, so come up with your own favorite, black and white quote - OK?

Hoppy Labor Day, Everybunny!

We're still chillaxing and promise to work hard on that today. This is one perplexing holiday here. There are no pressures or horror stories associated with it. You don't "have to this" or "have to that." 

Want to hang out with friends? Go ahead! 

Wanna art all weekend? Sure! 

Like to pester us with the clicky thing? Buzz off!

Of course, you can buy yourself something if you're into that kinda stuff, and you'll know exactly what you'll get, and if it's wrong, it's your thumping fault.

We'll keep you posted!
- Charlie

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