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Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Bunday Evening Thumps

Good Evening, Everybun!

It finally happened. Somebun turned on the big A/C in the sky over La Florida, and the outside feels livable. According to my hoomin, anyway. I still can't outside because we can't get vaccinated against RHDV2 here. Thump!

In other news, Gus tested positive for coccidia. Thump! Charlie and I tested clean, though. Gus is taking Albon twice a day until next Sunday. The good news is he likes the medicine and has a great appetite! Go figure; Gus wants to eat that sauce right off the syringe. And the hoomin doesn't wrestle him as he does me when I need to take something. Not fair - thump!

Good Night, and Good Luck!
- Espresso

PS: If you wonder why my eye is fuzzy in the pic, its' because my hoomin messed up. Of course, he always messes up. He was testing his setup for tethered shooting (the camera connects to a computer, and with the help of some software, the picture displays on the computer so you can have a better look at it right away).

That's all good, but we're not that generous with our patience. We begrudge every second of sitting still. If the hoomin is futzing with the cables, laptops, and junk, that's his problem - tough cookies!

And no, we don't care that it took him twelve years to get to this point. And we didn't feel that honored by any of his drama. I said good luck and good riddance, hoomin - and deep under the bed, we retreated and hid.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you bunnies are ok and responding positive to the meds. And, spreading as much disapproval as possible, of course.
Nose Bonks
the desert warren