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Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Bunday Evening Thumps

Espresso as Mr. Spressos, "What's it gonna be, hoomin? Six feet away or under?"

Charlie, "Haven't seen Mr. Spressos in hours! Honest ;-)"
Good Evening, Everybun!

We don't understand this "work from home nonsense. Our hoomin is at the house all the time, but the head rubs don't go all the time. 

On Wednesday, he got both crowns glued back in place - the new, replacement one and the old. He tried to see Mr. Spresso and share the good news, but Mr. Spressos didn't show up at the usual spot. The bench under the light in the park was empty. Well, OK, Espresso didn't feel like working another Sunday post. He's "self-isolating" in his bundo, but then again, that's what he always does. He isolated before it was a thing.

Yesterday, my hoomin did a short practice flight to keep up with he recency requirement at the flight school and took some pics on the scenic way to the practice area. He kept is as clean as possible. The controls, levers, and knobs in the aircraft got the treatment with a Clorox wipe. He sanitized his paws incessantly and didn't share any paws.

Now he's got the flyers remorse over it. But on the other paw, he stopped at a store on the way home to get our weekly veg supply. Arrrgh! Thump! Will it ever be possible to cool it all down to near absolute zero?
Good night and good luck,
- Charlie

Extreme social distancing, leaving hoominity 2,500 below. (Madeira Beach)

Fort DeSoto park, usually it would be packed, but yesterday there was "Nobuny on the road, Nobuny on the beach. I feel it in the air" ;-)
... but every boat was out. How do they not run into each other is a mystery.

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