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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Espresso and Charlie Update

Greetings, Everybunny!

The hoomin went out to get our new hay feeder from the TBHRR and disappeared for half a day. Thump! Well, both hoomins went to get the feeder. How many hoomins does it take to bring a feeder home? Don't ask.

Well, Espresso was the first to check it out. I passed the sniff test, but you know, we'll take it easy with it. We don't want to scare the poor contraption.

Anyway, the hoomin said he met all the bunns at the Tampa Bay House Rabbit Rescue. Sunje and Kurtis gave him a tour of the place and background stories of those lucky bunns. The amount of work those good hoomins put in to keep the place going is astounding. The experience was humbling. 

PS: Last week we got the cawwot harvest from our garden. The tops were so yammeh! We're still working on the cawwots, tiny, itsy bitsy slices at a time.

We'll keep you posted,

- Charlie

PS: The baseboards in our art room are still missing. We had a nice, heavy downpour and the room flooded in that corner where the feeder sits. The next day we found where the cracks are on the outside - we didn't finish that part last year. Hopefully, once those get fixed, and soon, we'll see how the patches hold up, and we'll get the hoomins to finish the room. Sigh...


RG said...

My oh my - what a lot of news for a quiet Saturday. Never a dull moment there. Those carrots look so good - I planted mine yesterday - may they come up so well!!

Anonymous said...

A fabulous contraption for two fabulous bunns! (Aside: You already have carrots?? Nice! :)= It only just stopped snowing here, but planting is planned for Tuesday :D).
-Jen (kohl's mom)