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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Espresso and Latte Update

Hello Everybun!

This is us trying to enjoy a morning saaaaalad. It's not easy with hoomins and their clickers around.

We have the complete run of the house; there are no pens anywhere to be seen.

This morning, one of the hoomins attempted a nail trim on Latte. It didn't go too well; for the hoomin. They need serious remedial training in that department.

We'll keep you posted!

- Espresso


Anonymous said...

These two are sooo cute! :)=
On the nail trimming technique, I used to don a very heavy terry cloth robe, wrap the bunny in a towel, hold him feets up, and do my best to get his little nails clipped quickly. It had a 70% success rate in general, but it worked better than anything else we tried :) And I'm sure it was no accident that we would find the nail clippers tossed into a corner with bite marks all over it.

sallyneary said...

Oh, a head bath! The sure sign of approval.

Anonymous said...

Those 2 are on their way to bunny bliss, er, disapproval : ) ken&kaci

Little Miss Titch said...

Ooops I'm sure they will get better at this,xx Rachel