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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mr. Toes

Click the black rectangle to play, for some reason vid has no preview frame, but plays just fine when clicked.

 I'm glad you've never seen anything like it, I still don't like it. I don't want a pine apple, I want a nutriberry apple!

- Thank you Renee!

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  1. "Oh, no. She found out what I did! Is there worse to come?"

  2. "Why won't she just was her hands occasionally?"

  3. Oh what a bummer, FB demands one be logged in to view the post :-(, let me see what can be done.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Holy Bunnolley! Mr. Toes really does Disapprove Of that morsel of pineapple!

    "Is that thing 'natural', hoomin? Or has it come from the nether end of one of nature's fouler creatures? That of a HOOMIN, perhaps? Do hoomins poop this 'pineapple'? Why are you attempting to make me eat it??!!

    Hoomin Bean! I suggest you up your game, straighten up, and fly right! My diet includes bunana, nutriberries, craisins, grapes, saaaaaaaaaaaaa-lad, and of course, the very finest hay. And Carrotinis, and Rasperrinis, and various-other-'-tinis'.

    Now scuttle, hoomin. And take the "pine-apple" thing with you!


  6. Has to be said Speedy isn't keen either,then again he's not keen on anything at the moment,xx Rachel